A New Something

My gosh, it’s 15 months to the day that I last wrote a post here! Time certainly does fly. I’ve graduated college, taken and left a job, rejuvenated and renewed my love of cycling, among many other ups and downs. I’ve even cut all of my hair off and dyed it blue, but more on that another time, Maybe.

I was struck with the idea today that this blog here could use a little attention. I initially began writing Take It from Meg as an advice blog, the idea being that I might strike it famous somehow with all of my wisdom and insight. (Arrogant, Moi?! Well, I never…)

This spring I had the humbling and divine inspiration to let go of all ideas of fame and fortune, to merely live my life and make a difference wherever I can. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Gone is the idea that I have to make a lot of money in order to relax in life. Gone is the constant wondering if this-that-or-the-other friend/family member/acquaintance is going to be my ticket to consistent income. Gone is the arrogance that Dammit, people should WANT to pay me for my wisdom. (I know!!! Holy crow with the ego!!!)

The idea and hope that I’m going to be the next Glennon Melton or Deb Perelman has finally left me.

I’m reinventing this blog as simply the space for sharing. Authentic sharing. It may come in the form of a recipe, a photograph or video, a book or song I love, or some anecdote. I’m not going to try to wow you with grace every damn week. But I’m committed to being here, one week at a time, and seeing what gets uncovered and discovered.

I invite you to join me.

You are invited!

I am very proud and excited to introduce to you my college Capstone project!

“Listening Is The Answer” is a one-day seminar that trains people in effective listening by distinguishing defective patterns and habits, and identifying key tools for being an excellent listener; it includes an opportunity for one-on-one coaching.

I am piloting this seminar for free as a three-session conference call, which will take place on April 29, 30, and May 6 at 7:00pm EST. If you are interested in participating in this training or have any questions, please email me via the Contact Me page or by filling out the form below.

Seating is limited, so RSVP no later than Sunday, April 27.

It’s so real!

Oh my goodness, guys! I threw out the idea on Facebook of piloting my Capstone project communication seminar as a free conference call training and I already have five people on board! I was hoping to max out at eight so this is really exciting!!! If you want to spend a few hours with me going through the rigors of what is and is not excellent listening then message me NOW! Like I said, I only have three spots left. Two months ago this was just an idea that I hoped to make happen before I graduate in May and today I’m scheduling the training! It’s so real! You can reach me via the Contact Me page or on Facebook. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ you!

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For What its Worth


There is so much in this post that speaks beautifully to what does and doesn’t allow romantic relationships to work. I highly recommend this blog for humor and raw honesty about dating relationships and dating/life in general. It’s so much more than a “I drank a new brand of coffee today” kind of everyday blog.

Originally posted on Fieldwork in Stilettos:

In General…

I am sorry that we never put that sushi kit to use.

I am sorry that we didn’t get to eat the last of the tamales your parents brought from New York (sorry rather, that I didn’t get to eat the last of the tamales… I’m assuming you’ve finished them on your own by now and if not, go and eat them before they go bad).

I am sorry that we’ll never dance to our song again.  I’m sorry that I’ll probably never find a dance partner as good as you.

I am sorry that we had such different ideas of the perfect home, the perfect lives.

I am sorry that we won’t be filling out the rest of our “Barbie and Ken Dreamhouse” real estate evaluation sheets.

I am sorry that I won’t get to see your kids grow up.  Or watch them graduate from high school. …

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Should You Fight for Your Marriage?

If you’re reading my blog then I’ll assume you’re looking for my opinion. Caution: straight communication ahead.

Yes. Fight for your marriage.

Do whatever it takes, whatever you can, on any given day, to have a marriage that works. Even if it means starting today.

Say what you need to say. Yes, even that.

Listen to, and really hear, what needs to be said.

Take a stand. Get honest with yourself and with your spouse. Clean up what needs cleaning.

Ask for outside help if you need it. Marriage counselors and relationship specialists exist for a reason. I am one. Ask away.

Staying married to one person for your entire life is not easy. Did someone say that it would be, or should be?

Do everything you can, because if you give up you might regret not fighting harder. You might wish you had done more. And that is a regret I wish upon No-One.

Divorce sucks. It’s hard and it’s painful and nobody wins.

Saving a marriage may be hard and painful, but everybody wins.

Yes. Fight for your marriage. Maybe for no better reason than that the day you got married you said you would.

“One advantage of marriage is that, when you fall out of love with him or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until you fall in again.” -Judith Viorst